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The Commission hears appeals from the adverse actions taken to suspend, demote or dismiss an employee from the classified service if such right of appeal to the Commission is established in the personnel rules governing the employee; however, it may not hear any appeal of an action taken to suspend, demote or dismiss an employee of the government of Guam who has not been hired through the competitive hiring procedures of the personnel rules of the government of Guam, as such personnel rules required at the time of the hiring of the employee, nor any unclassified employee;

The provisions above shall not apply to the Judiciary or I Liheslaturan Guåhan [Legislature] in compliance with the doctrine of Separation of Powers, unless such separate Branch opts to make them applicable by submitting to the jurisdiction of the Commission; and all reference to classified employees will be deemed to mean classified employees of the Executive Branch, including agencies and authorities; and

The jurisdiction of the Commission shall not extend to academic personnel of the Guam Community College and the University of Guam, except upon mutual consent by the governing board of the respective institution and the Commission, nor to any position or person, appeal or proceeding of whatever kind or description if the position is denominated “unclassified” in this Title, except to the extent explicitly permitted in this Section, nor shall such jurisdiction extend to the determination of whether it is practicable to place a position in the classified service.


Board of Commissioners

  • Juan K. Calvo, Chairperson
  • Anthony Benavente, Commissioner


  • Daniel D. Leon Guerrero, Executive Director
  • Christine Quinata, Special Projects Coordinator
  • Eric D. Miller, Administrative Counsel
  • Susan L. Corbin, Legal Secretary III
  • Roland Fejarang, Personnel Management ADM
  • Maria Masnayon, PMA III
  • Vickilynn Sablan, PMA III
  • Cynthia Camacho, PMA II
  • VACANT, Board Secretary


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Juan K. Calvo





Anthony Benavente



Daniel D. Leon Guerrero

Executive Director